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About Us

STAAN Bio-Med Engineering Private Limited
is a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of Ceiling Mounted OT Light, Surgery Instrument, Hospital Operating Table, Tourniquet Machine, etc. With the help of our modern infrastructure, we are able to meet even the bulk market demands and maintain the highest level of quality in products. Our company was started with the motive of bringing Technology at your Reach and we are happy to report that we have been successful in the same. We have served more than 500 hospital projects; particularly in the stream of Gynecology & Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Neuro, Laparoscopy, Vascular Surgery, Spine Surgery, General Surgery OTs & ICUs.

In the competitive market, we have managed to emerge as the prime choice of customers because of the following mentioned attributes:

  • Outstanding product quality
  • Well-equipped production house
  • Excellent testing facility
  • Strict quality control procedures
  • Time delivery
  • Best logistics facility
  • Customer-oriented approach   

Our company has an advanced Research and Development wing which is fully resourced with high standard testing and analysis laboratory. Our researchers, engineers and other team members work vigorously in order to develop new products and provide outstanding solutions in the field of healthcare. To keep ourselves updated, we regularly participate in national as well as international events like ARAB HEALTH, MEDICALL, GOACON, WIROC, USICON, TNOACON, IOACON, TNPASICON, MEDICAL FAIR INDIA, etc.

Our company is an approved rate contract supplier to Tamil Nadu Medical Service Corporation Limited, Chennai (TNMSC), Karnataka State Drugs Logistics and Warehouse Society (KDLWS), Andhra Pradesh Medical Service & Infrastructure Development Corporation, Directorate of Health Services, Mumbai (DHS), Orissa Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (OSIC), Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Ltd, Kolkata, Directorate General Armed Force Medical Services Indian Army (DGAMS) and many more.

Research and Development

Our laboratory is well equipped with modern equipment and is handled by the best researchers in the industry. It is because of this team, we are capable of serving customers with cost-effective healthcare solutions like Hospital Operating Table, Tourniquet Machine, Ceiling Mounted OT Light, Surgery Instrument, etc. The scientists and engineers hold expertise in the areas of:

  • Design and development of new products
  • Improvising the design of existing products
  • Introducing innovative features
  • Increase the uptime of the products and much more.

With the leadership of our Managing Director and support of our R&D team, we have been able to extend our research ideas in the areas of Operating Tables, Stirr Ups, Surgical Lights, etc.

Vision and Mission

The vision of our company is to contribute to the World Healthcare Industry by offering cost-effective Surgical and Critical Care products such as Tourniquet Machine, Surgery Instrument, Ceiling Mounted OT Light, Hospital Operating Table, etc. Apart from this, our mission is to make the best use of technology and help mankind with our exclusive products that can do wonders in the field.

Our Management Profile

One of the strongest reasons for our success is the best team of professionals working in our enterprise. Some of these are named below:

Managing Director: Mr. M.Maria Albert Stanly

The MD of our company is a highly motivated and visionary leader. His headship has strengthened our teams and also maximized the company profitability and efficiency. His impressive ideas have allowed us to maintain a good bond with customers, stakeholders, partners, etc.  He is an expert in the areas of Entrepreneurial Leadership, Strategic Planning, Revenue Growth, Business Development, Research & Development and Organizational Change.

Director: Mr. A. Sagayaraj

With a rich experience of over 25 years, Mr. Sagayaraj has developed impressive practical business knowledge. He personally makes sure that the quality of offerings is not compromised any step. His planning and direction are major reasons that have allowed us to be a successful venture. He keeps inspecting the ongoing operations and makes sure that only high-grade material is being used in the production process. It is undoubtedly his leadership that has made ways for our company to attain 100% customer satisfaction.

Director: Mr. M. Antony Armstrong

He is an enthusiastic, young and ambitious professional who plays a tremendous role in our rapid business growth. With his outstanding business strategies, he is helping us gallop constantly on the path of success. By implementing the best ideas, Mr. M. Antony Armstrong has made it possible for us to reduce the gap for the clients in reaching our tech-support team. It is because of him, we have developed a reputed image in the competitive market by offering the best products to our esteemed customers.


With over  100 dealers and service engineers all over India, we provide exclusive AMC, CMC contract solutions that consists of preventive maintenance services, preventing the occurrence of the breakdowns, etc., which in turn saves not only the money of customers but their time as well. These contracts are usually for a period of 1 year, which can be extended also up to 5 years service. Furthermore, we own adequate spares parts as well as accessories that customers can buy if needed during any breakdown.